Nomination Process & Timeline for 2019

In February 2018, Kehilat Hadar elected a new Board and adopted bylaws which included an outline for the election process of Board members. Below are some FAQs to clarify the details about the 2019 nomination and election processes, the KH Board, and membership.



What is the Nominations Committee?
The Nominations Committee sets up the nomination process for the annual KH Board election, reviews statements of interest to join the Board, and selects qualified candidates to include in the slate for the KH Board election.

What is the KH Board?
In brief, KH Board members are responsible for the community’s strategic vision, high-level planning, and fundraising efforts. The KH Board also supervises the Steering Team (which runs KH programs).
Learn more about the Board’s responsibilities and its current members.

What is KH Membership?
Kehilat Hadar strives to be welcoming and inclusive of everyone who attends our services and programs. Everyone who attends or participates in our activities is considered a member of the Kehilat Hadar community.
The Kehilat Hadar bylaws, adopted in February 2018, define voting members as individuals for whom at least one of the following is true:

  • An annual contribution at the requested level was made by them or on their behalf in the previous calendar year, or
  • They regularly served the community by volunteering five times in the previous calendar year.

Learn more about membership. If you have specific questions about membership, email Aaron Kasman, KH Board Member.


2019 KH Board Nomination and Election Process and Timeline

Thursday, January 24 to Saturday, February 9 at 11:59 PM EST
Open call for KH Board candidate applications
Those interested in running for a KH Board seat must fill out the nomination application.

Week of Sunday, February 17
Nominations Committee publicizes slate of candidates
The Nominations Committee selects qualified candidates based on service to, and impact on, the KH community.

Update: February 28, 2019
The Nominations Committee thanks the community for its patience during the delay in announcing the candidates. The review and petition process took longer than anticipated in this first year.

Sunday, February 17 to Sunday, March 3
Window for a non-slated candidate to petition to be included on the ballot
Those interested in joining the KH Board, but not selected by the Nominations Committee, can still run by petitioning. In 2019, no applicants chose to petition after not being selected by the Nominations Committee.

By Thursday, March 7
Full KH Board ballot and voting process publicized
The Nominations Committee will share information on the slate and other candidates running, as well as the in-person and proxy voting processes.

Sunday, March 17
Election at KH Annual Meeting
Members vote in person or by proxy.


2019 Candidate Bios & Statements

Mara Braunfeld
Originally from Texas, Mara's identity was strongly influenced by her family, youth group, and summer camp. She holds a BA from Brandeis and a Masters in Jewish Education from HUC-JIR. She is the Director of the Center for Family Life and Director of Programs for Infants + Young Children at the Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan. Mara and her husband Daniel have been connected to Hadar since 2007. They are proud parents to Ronit, Ravi, and Hana.

Why do you want to join the Kehilat Hadar Board, and what you hope to accomplish as a Board Member?
I would be honored to serve again on the Board, helping to both define and advance our community’s mission, vision and values.  I believe I bring a valuable perspective to the leadership as a longtime KH member, a parent of young children, and a Jewish communal professional.  This is an exciting time for our community – growing numbers of volunteers, new families becoming involved, regularly packed Shabbat services. It is clear that people are finding their “Jewish home” at Kehilat Hadar and I want to continue being part of the leadership that helps realize this vision. My personal and professional skill sets enable me to help Kehilat Hadar expand and evolve to meet the community’s needs, be they religious, spiritual, educational, communal or social. Although my life and schedule are incredibly full, I am eager to continue giving back to the community that has given so much to me and my family.

How have you participated in and served KH?
I've been a proud member of the KH community since we moved to NYC 12 years ago. My family attends Shabbat services regularly as well as other community events (the annual lulav and etrog trip is one of our favorites!). Over the last dozen years, some of my specific involvement has included: being a member of the Kiddush team, giving divrei Torah, sponsoring Kiddush, leading Tot Shabbat, and serving on the inaugural Kehilat Hadar board.


Aaron Kasman
Aaron has been an active member of the Kehilat Hadar community for more than 10 years, having served as shamash and steering team member. He is a frequent shaliach tzibbur on Shabbat and on holidays, where he loves to introduce new melodies alongside old favorites. An engineer by training, Aaron works for Google as a technology manager. At work and as a volunteer, he helps people and organizations (including KH!) implement technology effectively, innovate and manage change.

Why do you want to join the Kehilat Hadar Board, and what you hope to accomplish as a Board Member?
I'm passionate about our community and proud to bring to the table more than 10 years of leadership at KH. I would like to continue to serve on KH's board in order to help vision KH's next 5-10 years in a way that blends its past traditions with innovation and change for the future. I would be honored to help continue to transform KH's governance model with a focus on the values of respect, sustainability and inclusive decision making along with operational rigor.

How have you participated in and served KH?

  • member of Steering and Shamash teams  (5 years)
  • member of board, acting chair of fundraising and membership officer (1 year)
  • leading technology & data (>8 years)
  • co-chaired Shavuot retreat (x2)
  • lead morning services and Rosh Hashanah


Ashira Konigsburg
Rabbi Ashira Konigsburg is the Director of Operations at the Rabbinical Assembly. She earned Rabbinic Ordination from JTS. and a BA in Jewish Studies from University of Maryland. Apart from serving on the Kehilat Hadar board and Steering Team, she also volunteers as a disaster responder with the American Red Cross in New York City. Ashira enjoys traveling, hiking and climbing.

Why do you want to join the Kehilat Hadar Board, and what you hope to accomplish as a Board Member?
As a long time community member and leader, I'm extremely invested in ensuring a future for Kehilat Hadar and helping our community to grow. I oversaw the project to establish our current board structure including working with our pro bono lawyers to revise our bylaws and leading the community through the process of adopting them and electing a board. Though this is a significant milestone, there is still governance work to be done including defining the board/steering team relationship, establishing best practices and culture for our new board, and continuing to develop goals and a vision for Kehilat Hadar's future. I would like to be elected to a full term on the board in order to continue this extremely meaningful work.

How have you participated in and served KH?
Leadership Team since 2008, Gabbai Steering Team since 2009 (with a short interlude off). I currently oversee ritual, tech, institutional memory, and run the Steering Team meetings. I also was the lead on the governance project including the revision and adoption of the KH bylaws, and have served as an inaugural board member for the past year.


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