Voting Membership and the Kehilat Hadar Board

Kehilat Hadar strives to be welcoming and inclusive of everyone who attends our services and programs. Everyone who attends or participates in our activities is considered a member of the Kehilat Hadar community. All community members are welcome to attend all our programs and to volunteer in a variety of ways, including joining a team, sponsoring kiddush, or leading a part of a service.

The Kehilat Hadar bylaws adopted in February 2018 define voting members as individuals for whom at least one of the following is true:

  • An annual contribution at the requested level was made by them or on their behalf in the previous calendar year, or
  • They regularly served the community by volunteering five times in the previous calendar year.

Voting members are entitled to:

  • Vote at formal meetings, including to elect the board
  • Run for a position on the board
  • Register at a discounted rate for our annual Shavuot Retreat

If you have a question about voting membership or your status as a voting member, please email Aaron Kasman

The Kehilat Hadar Board

All incorporated non-profit organizations are required by law to have a board of trustees that is formally and legally responsible for them. For religious congregations, the members usually invest the trustees with the authority to run the congregation by electing them to serve on the board, and the trustees are therefore accountable to the members.

As of February 2018, Kehilat Hadar’s board oversees the community’s strategic vision, high-level planning, and fundraising efforts, and it also supervises the Steering Team. (The Steering Team focuses on the operational side, running Kehilat Hadar services and other programs from day to day.) New trustees are elected at Kehilat Hadar’s statutory annual meeting, at which voting members can vote either in person or by proxy. After each election, the board determines which of the trustees will serve as officers for that year.

View the bylaws (adopted at annual meeting, 2/25/2018)

Board Meeting Minutes

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