One of the key principles of Kehilat Hadar is a spirit of volunteerism. In fact, our community is entirely volunteer led: the Shamash Team runs the ritual aspect of services; the Steering Team is responsible for coordinating the day-today running of Kehilat Hadar; and other community leaders and volunteers are responsible for specific roles and programs. (Learn more about Kehilat Hadar’s board, which oversees the community’s strategic vision, high-level planning, and fundraising efforts.) Our community relies on the generosity of its volunteers to lead and attend services, plan and execute programs, and generally work to enhance our community. We encourage you to get involved!


Communications: Tim Bernard and Maddy Hoffman
Davening Calendar & Ritual Logistics: Max Arad, Avi Eisen, Ashira Konigsburg, and Meir Schecter
Finances: Jason Lehrer
Kiddush: Ariella Epel, Rachel Goldfarb, Pamela Kessel, Dana Kresel, and Michoel Snow
Learning: Adin Nelson
Lifecycle: Sarah Ebstein
Outreach: Zoe Grossman, Rae Logan, Haley Schulman, Jeremy Tabick, and Ben Varon
Program & External Relations: Sarah Ebstein
Shabbat Morning Greeting: Gaby Mervis
Shamashim (running the ritual aspects of services): Max Arad, Dan Gordon, Avi Eisen, Hilana Ezekiel, Efrem Epstein, Yossi Hoffman, Ashira Konigsburg, Dana Kresel, Michal Richardson, Meir Schecter, Haley Schulman, Jeremy Tabick
Shavuot Retreat Chairs - 2019: Haley Schulman and Jeremy Tabick
Technology: Yossi Hoffman, Aaron Kasman, and Ashira Konigsburg

Steering Team

  • Max Arad

  • Maddy Hoffman

  • Ashira Konigsburg

  • Jeremy Tabick

Former Gabbaim & Steering Team Members 

We express deep gratitude to all of the past gabbai’im and steering team members whose tireless work has formed Kehilat Hadar into such a vibrant and wonderful community.

Tammy Arnow (2004-2007), Mara Benjamin (co-founder, 2001), Talya Bock (2008-2010), Debbi Bohnen (2002-2004), Yael Buechler (2009-2011), Andrea Brustein (2007-2010), Farell Diamond (2006-2009), Sarah Ebstein (2014-2018),Lisa Exler (2006-2008), Rachel Forster Held (2003-2006), Deena Fox (2004-2006), Tamar Fox (2010-2012), Josh Greenfield (2002-2004), Aaron Kasman (2007-2010, 2012-2014), Debbie Kaufman (2001-2004), Elie Kaunfer (co-founder, 2001-2005), Ashira Konigsburg (2009-2012), Dana Kresel (2010 -2015), Adam Levine (2006-2008), Jill Levy (2004), Jessica Lissy Trey (2001-2002), Noah Marks (2012-2013), Emily (Michal) Michelson (2005-2006), Marc Melzer (2009-2012, 2013-2015), Adin Nelson (2015-2018), Charlie Schwartz (2006-2008), Gabe Seed (2012-2013), Liav Shapiro (2011), Danny Serviansky (2005-2006), Ethan Tucker (co-founder, 2001), Adam Wall (2001-2004), Rebecca Zeidel (2008-2009)

Former Shamashim

Jake Bennett, Uri Cohen, Ariela Housman, Eitan Konigsburg, Hillel Konigsburg, Aryeh Tuchman

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