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Does Kehilat Hadar have membership?

We believe that meaningful davening (prayer) experiences and learning opportunities should be available to all, and therefore, Kehilat Hadar does not have official membership or membership dues. However, due to our significant operating costs throughout the year, we ask members of our community to make a voluntary donation to Kehilat Hadar each year. We suggest a contribution of $390 per adult or $250 per student, but we welcome donations of any size and encourage those who can give more to do so.

How does Kehilat Hadar support itself financially?

The vast majority of our funding comes from the people who support to Kehilat Hadar (like you!). We are also a graduate (2002-2005) of JESNA/UJC's Bikkurim: An Incubator for New Jewish Ideas (, and, in the past, we have received grants from UJA-Federation of NY and from the Bronfman Youth Fellowship in Israel for our Beit Midrah Program.  Many people find a donation to Kehilat Hadar to be a good way to mark a special occasion, such as a birthday, graduation, engagement, wedding or anniversary, or to honor or memorialize friends and loved ones.

To contribute to Kehilat Hadar, please click here.

When I donate money to Kehilat Hadar, what is my donation used for?

Kehilat Hadar's current annual operating budget is approximately $90,000*. Most of this money goes toward renting space for services (approximately $1320 per service) and programming. Our other costs include paying teachers and High Holiday leaders, renting chairs, and making photocopies. Every contribution helps us continue to provide enjoyable and meaningful services, as well as learning and social action programs. Contributions to Kehilat Hadar also enable us to expand our existing programming to better serve the needs of our community.

The all-volunteer leadership of Kehilat Hadar goes to great lengths to secure donations of space, prayerbooks, chumashim, etc. Be assured that your entire donation goes directly to facilitating Kehilat Hadar programming.


* We have removed the income and expenses for our annual Shavuot Retreat from the above charts to provide a clearer picture of our overall finances. Income and expenses for the Shavuot Retreat are kept and nearly equal levels due to the careful planning of our Shavuot Team.

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