Davening Audio Files

We have prepared audio files that review the Shabbat morning davening, including nusah (melody/tune) as well as detailed instructions for service leaders. We hope the audio files will be valuable both to those who have led before and would like to review, as well as to those who are learning to lead for the first time.

The contents of the audio files have been uploaded to our website as MP3s. Please feel free to download them for your personal use. Contact us with any questions. Reviewing these files alone is only one part of the process of learning to lead, so while we encourage those interested to make use of them, we are also happy to help facilitate learning in a one-on-one setting.

Shabbat services at Hadar begin with Mizmor Shir Hanukkat haBayit l'David (the first psalm of P'sukei d'Zimra). Since other communities begin services with Birchot haShahar, we have included this part of the service in our files. Our practice is to have one person lead the first part of davening (from P'sukei d'Zimra through Shaharit and the beginning of the Torah service), while another person leads the end of the Torah service (from right after the haftarah is recited) through the end of Musaf. (The final file reviews the special nusah and text for Musaf when Rosh Hodesh falls on Shabbat.)

We welcome your feedback on these files. If you are having trouble downloading the MP3 files, try right-clicking on each one and selecting "Save Target (or link) As."

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