Sponsor a Kiddush

Sponsoring Kiddush in 3 EASY STEPS!

Step 1:  Buy the food.

Step 2:  Bring the food.

Step 3:  Set up and clean up the food (with our happy help).


Sponsoring Kiddush FAQ

1) For what occasions do people sponsor kiddush?

ANYTHING!  Birthdays, weddings, yahrtzeits, new jobs, OR just because you love having a nosh and a schmooze after services.

2) Do I just pay for the kiddush, or is there more to it?

Kiddush sponsors are asked to buy the food for that week’s kiddush, and help set up the tables after services.   Many people place a FreshDirect order, to save time on shopping.

 3) What does a basic kiddush include?

You are free to be as creative as you like with your food selections, but in general we recommend:

4 bags of chips/pretzels

4 boxes of cookies

2 bags of wrapped chocolate or sweets

1 bottle of wine or grape juice

Other easy things you can include:  soda, salsa, chummus, baby carrots and other veggies, grapes and other fruits, nuts

4) How much does it cost to sponsor kiddush?

Sponsoring kiddush can range from $50-$150 depending on how much you choose to buy and how elaborate you would like your Kiddush to be.

 5) How does it all work at Solomon Schechter?

You are welcome to drop things off in the pantry at Solomon Schechter on the Thursday or Friday before your kiddush. The school is open from 7:30am to 5:00pm, except on Friday. On Fridays (at least in the winter), it is open until noon. Just make sure that everything is boxed or bagged and labeled clearly. Things that are dropped off should also be put out of the way so that they don't get in the way of SSSM staff using the pantry. 

If you placing a Fresh Direct order, please have it delivered on Friday before noon. Send the Fresh Direct to Kehilat Hadar c/o Solomon Schechter  805 Columbus Ave. NY, NY 10025. Put a special instruction that the entrance in on 100th street. The phone # is 212-427-9500. The order cannot have any perishables as they will not separate the things that need to be refrigerated from those that don't. If you want to bring those items on your own, you are of course more than welcome to do so!

 6) How do I sign up?

Just e-mail kiddush@kehilathadar.org, and someone will get right back to you about available dates!