18th Anniversary Learn and Lunch


April 6, 2019 - 12:30pm


Solomon Schechter School of Manhattan, at 805 Columbus Ave at 100th

Celebrate our eighteenth anniversary with a Learn & Lunch! After Shabbat morning services and kiddush, we'll have have a choice of learning events led by Rabbi Tim Bernard, Rabbi Ashira Konigsburg, and Jeremy Tabick, followed by a catered meat lunch and Mincha services. See below for session descriptions. 

Registration is now closed, but some spaces may be available. Email Max Arad to inquire.

To celebrate Kehilat Hadar’s 18th birthday, consider becoming a Sponsor of our Learn & Lunch by making a donation of $100.

Services start at 9:30AM. The shiurim will start at approximately 12:30 PM. Everyone is welcome to join for learning. 


Kehilat Hadar: Resplendently Scrupulous
Rabbi Tim Daniel Bernard
The Hebrew root ה.ד.ר (Hay-Daled-Resh) can suggest both punctilious practice and glorious majesty. By reviewing some key texts we'll explore the connection between these concepts and maybe even enhance our understanding of our community and our Jewish lives.
Tim directs online community education programs for JTS, receives emails sent to contact@kehilathadar.org, and serves on our Board of Trustees. Tim and Ashira have been KH regulars for 15 years, and their daughter Arya has been a KH regular for 9 months.

Hagbah, Gelilah, Peticha: A Hands on Workshop
Rabbi Ashira Konigsburg
Have you been offered a chance to do Hagbah, Gelilah or Peticha and declined because you haven't done it before? Would you love a chance to get up close and personal with the Torah? We'll be conducting a hands-on practice session for participants to get comfortable lifting, dressing and carrying the Torah. No experience needed, by the end of our time together, you'll be a pro!
Ashira is the Director of Operations at the Rabbinical Assembly. She currently serves as a member of the Kehilat Hadar Board and Steering Team and loves teaching new people to interact with the Torah!

What to Skip if (God Forbid!) You're Late to Shul
Jeremy Tabick
If you are flirting with the possibility of coming late to shul and overwhelmed by all the things you will miss since 9:30AM, then this session is for you! We'll go over briefly, with an eye to practicality, the structure of Pesukei De-Zimrah and its inner hierarchy in order to work out how you can best catch up with the kahal (community).
Jeremy is a member of the Kehilat Hadar Steering Team and incredibly excited about the Shavuot Retreat!

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