Parashat Vayikra, Shabbat Zachor


March 16, 2019 - 9:30am


Solomon Schechter School of Manhattan, at 805 Columbus Ave at 100th

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We changed the clocks last weekend, so beginning this week, Kehilat Hadar is changing its clock too -- services will now start half an hour later, at 9:30AM, for the spring and summer. Changing the clocks made the time of sunrise later, and so the zmanei tefilah (prayer times) shift later as well. In particular, we set the time of our service based on sof zman tefilah*, the time when the leader’s repetition of the Shacharit amidah needs to be complete. In the spring and summer, Daylight Saving Time allows us to start a little bit later, hold the spirited songful services that we enjoy as a community, and still adhere to the halachic end-time for Shacharit.

So enjoy the extra half hour in bed! Come join us at the start to help make the minyan, and enjoy the same Kehilat Hadar services you’ve grown to love, now at a slightly later time. We look forward to davening with you.

*There is a common misconception that we set our start time based on sof zman shema, the latest time to say the shema, which is one quarter of the way through the day’s daylight hours. Sof zman tefilah is later, as it is one third of the way through the day’s daylight hours. If you’d like to learn more, we recommend

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