Parashat Vayera


November 7, 2020 - 9:15am


Schechter Manhattan, 805 Columbus Ave, entrance on 100th St.

Weekly Shabbat morning services co-organized by Kehilat Hadar and Shaare Zedek.

Space is limited and advance registration is required; registration must be submitted by Wednesday at 5:00 PM. If you need the registration form, email

For more information about the plan and policies for attendance and health and safety, please refer to our plan to resume in-person services.

A note on the earlier start time
Usually when the clocks change, so does our start time for services. That's true again this year, but not for long. We'll start at 9:15 AM for the month of November, and then we'll be back to 9:30 AM start times through the winter. Why the difference?
Changing the clocks makes the time of sunrise earlier, and so the zmanei tefilah (prayer times) shift earlier as well. In particular, we set the time of our service based on sof zman tefilah*, the time when the leader’s repetition of the Shacharit amidah needs to be complete. In most years, in order to hold the spirited songful services that we enjoy as a community and still adhere to the halachic end-time for Shacharit, we need to shift to a 9 AM earlier start time. 
But this year, with communal singing off the table for indoor services, our Shacharit service is a lot shorter than usual. This means that for the month of November, when sof zman tefilah is before 10:10 AM, we still need to start a bit earlier than usual. But as the days continue to get shorter in December, sof zman tefilah moves later than 10:10 AM, allowing us to move back to a 9:30 AM start time. 
We look forward to davening with you!
*There is a common misconception that we set our start time based on sof zman shema, the latest time to say the shema, which is one quarter of the way through the day’s daylight hours. Sof zman tefilah is later, as it is one third of the way through the day’s daylight hours. If you’d like to learn more, we recommend


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