Shabbaton in the City - Parashat Ki Tisa, Shabbat Parah & Hosted Lunches


March 14, 2009 - 9:30am

Second Presbyterian Church
(4 W 96th Street at Central Park West)

Please bring your own siddur, if possible.

The children's playroom will be open during services. 

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Hosted Lunches

Following Shabbat morning services, you will have the opportunity to meet other folks from Hadar in a relaxed setting at Shabbat lunches in people's homes. Please note that we can only accommodate as many guests as we have spots at hosts' tables, so please consider hosting if you are able. Hosting does not require that you provide the entire meal for your guests, but simply that you prepare the main course and open your home to community participants.

Sign-up for hosted lunches is now closed. If you were not able to sign up in time, you are welcome to attend Hadar services on Shabbat morning, and we will do our best to find a place for you if space permits.

Hosts will receive assignments Wednesday, March 11 and guests will receive information by early Thursday, March 12.

Please note that your hosts are contributing both time and financial investment to host a meal. Please do your best to attend the meal and notify your host immediately should your plans change.

A word about Kashrut: Members of our community have different standards of kashrut in their homes. Please see our Kashrut policy for more detail.

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