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Who comes to Kehilat Hadar?

Hundreds of people have participated in Kehilat Hadar services (we have over 2,000 people on our email list) and it is impossible to know who everyone is. Nonetheless, here is a snapshot based on a survey conducted at the Kehilat Hadar Shavuot Retreat (2003).

  • Most people at Kehilat Hadar do not identify with a particular Jewish denomination. About 60% grew up Conservative, 20% grew up Orthodox, 12% Reform, and 8% unaffiliated.
  • The majority (60%) have lived in New York for 3 years or more, and about 15% are new to Manhattan.
  • Most people at Kehilat Hadar work during the day, although about a quarter are students.
  • Three quarters of people at Kehilat Hadar daven at a different synagogue or minyan when we don't meet.
  • Most people at Kehilat Hadar are in their 20s and 30s, but we have a growing number of people in the over-40 and under-3 age-groups.
  • Families with children are welcomed at Kehilat Hadar.  We have a playroom for families that is equipped with a playmat, books, and toys, and we are exploring options for children's programming.

How does everyone at Kehilat Hadar seem to know each other?

It may seem during Kiddush that everyone is talking to someone they know, but in fact many people at Kehilat Hadar do not know each other. Most people who come to Kehilat Hadar would love to get to know more people in the room. We encourage you to help build a more cohesive community by introducing yourself to people you don't know.  If you are new to Kehilat Hadar or unfamiliar with the community, and would like to share a Shabbat meal with others, please introduce yourself to one of the gabba'im or Leadership Team members or e-mail hospitality@kehilathadar.org.

In addition, our programs such as the Beit Midrash classes at Yeshivat Hadar, our Israel book club, and our Habitat for Humanity Builds offer a more intimate and substantive setting to get to know others at Kehilat Hadar.

How can I let people in the Kehilat Hadar community know about other programming?

We are happy to provide a community postings section on our website which publicizes programs of interest. To submit a posting, click here.

How can I start a minyan like Kehilat Hadar where I live?

The founders of Kehilat Hadar launched Mechon Hadar: An Institute for Prayer, Personal Growth and Jewish Study in June, 2006. Mechon Hadar's mission is to revitalize communal life - animated by prayer, study and social action - among young Jews in America. Mechon Hadar's Minyan Project is designed to empower vibrant prayer communities and provides support to those starting new independent minyanim. For more information about how to start a minyan like Kehilat Hadar, email info@mechonhadar.org

For more information about the relationship between Mechon Hadar and Kehilat Hadar, click here.

How is Kehilat Hadar planning for the future?

The leadership of Kehilat Hadar is continually planning for the short term as well as strategizing for the longer term.  Kehilat Hadar holds community meetings to discuss our shared vision and to plan for the future. 

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