Kehilat Hadar CD:Pri Eitz Hadar

Pri Etz Hadar is a collection of 19 eclectic melodies introduced at Kehilat Hadar over several years, including VeYe'etayu, Ashrei, Sim Shalom, Mah Ashiv, and other Hadar favorites.  The CD, first released in 2004, features the voices of 20 Hadar participants, and was produced under the direction of Rabbi Julia Andelman, one of our High Holiday shelichei tzibbur (prayer leaders) from past years.

One of Kehilat Hadar's core principles is that regular communal prayer can and should be an inspiring experience.  We believe that song is a key component to building a prayer community.  This CD is part of a long-term project of expanding our community's repertoire through regular song-teaching sessions encompassing Shabbat, Holiday, and High Holiday melodies.  Pri Etz Hadar is meant as a celebration of where we have come as a community of prayer, and as a teaching tool both within Kehilat Hadar and for other communities who wish to enhance their musical repertoire of Jewish prayer.  

Pri Etz Hadar is now available as a digital download.

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