Mission & Principles

Kehilat Hadar is an independent, egalitarian community committed to spirited traditional prayer, study and social action. 

Core Mission:

Kehilat Hadar is committed to prayer services with spirited davening and leyning. Kehilat Hadar services use the traditional liturgy in a halachic framework and are marked by widespread communal participation, inspiring melodies and thoughtful divrei Torah. We believe that close attention to detail and planning, coupled with flexibility and responsiveness, produces the best possible experience for all. 

Kehilat Hadar Community:

Kehilat Hadar appeals to a wide section of the general Jewish community: young and old, secular and observant, straight and gay. We are committed to furthering openness and hospitality to both newcomers and long-time members. 

Torah, Avodah and Gemilut Hasadim:

Kehilat Hadar is the primary Jewish community for hundreds of people. While Shabbat morning services remain the backbone of Kehilat Hadar, our programming also includes holiday services, regular Jewish text study and social action/advocacy. 

Prayer Education:

Kehilat Hadar is committed to education, specifically on issues related to prayer (both for participants and for leaders). We do not believe in "watering down" the traditional experience of prayer; rather we aim to inspire and educate so that people of all backgrounds can appreciate and participate in Kehilat Hadar's services and programs. 

Broad Participation:

Kehilat Hadar is marked by a spirit of volunteerism, and community members are the primary leaders of the davening, leyning and teaching. Kehilat Hadar believes that excitement, not guilt, is the most effective method of motivating a volunteer community. We have demonstrated that people who experience high-quality religious programming are excited to return and take on leadership roles.