Nomination Process & Timeline for 2020

In February 2018, Kehilat Hadar elected a new Board and adopted bylaws, which included an outline for the election process of Board members. Below are some FAQs to clarify the details about the 2020 nomination and election processes, the KH Board, and membership.



What is the Nominations Committee?
The Nominations Committee sets up the nomination process for the annual KH Board election, reviews statements of interest to join the Board, and selects qualified candidates to include in the slate for the KH Board election.

What is the KH Board?
KH Board members are responsible for the community’s strategic vision, high-level planning, and fundraising efforts. The KH Board also supervises the Steering Team (which runs KH services and programs). 
Learn more about the Board’s responsibilities and its current members.

What is KH Membership?
Kehilat Hadar strives to be welcoming and inclusive of everyone who attends our services and programs. Everyone who attends or participates in our activities is considered a member of the Kehilat Hadar community.
The Kehilat Hadar bylaws, adopted in February 2018, and revised in July 2019, define voting membership as available to individuals for whom at least one of the following is true:

  • An annual contribution at the requested level was made by them or on their behalf in the previous calendar year, or
  • They regularly served the community by volunteering five times in the previous calendar year.

Learn more about membership. If you have specific questions about membership, email Tim Bernard, KH Board Secretary.


2020 Tentative KH Board Nomination and Election Process and Timeline

Sunday, January 19 to Sunday, February 2 at 10 PM
Open call for KH Board candidate applications
Those interested in running for a KH Board seat must fill out the nomination application.

Week of Sunday, February 9
Nominations Committee publicizes slate of candidates
The Nominations Committee selects qualified candidates based on service to, and impact on, the KH community.

Sunday, February 16 to Sunday, February 23
Window for a non-slated candidate to petition to be included on the ballot
Those interested in joining the KH Board, but not selected by the Nominations Committee for the slate, can still run by petitioning to be added to the ballot as a non-slated candidate.

Week of Sunday, March 1
Full KH Board ballot and voting process publicized
The Nominations Committee will share information on the slate and other candidates running, as well as the in-person and proxy voting processes.

Monday, March 16
Election at KH Annual Meeting
Members vote in person or by proxy. 


2020 Candidate Bios & Statements

Max Arad

Max is the Assistant Director of Operations at the Rabbinical Assembly. He earned a BA in International Studies from Washington University in St. Louis. Max has been involved with Kehilat Hadar for over six years, first serving as Chair of the 2014 Shavuot Retreat, then joining the Shamash team and serving as a member of the Steering Team for the last five years, and the KH Board for the last two years.

Why do you want to join the Kehilat Hadar Board, and what you hope to accomplish as a Board Member?
I love this community, and I feel an overwhelming need and desire to serve our community. Specifically, I hope to continue my work on the coordinating committee, overseeing Joint Operations with Shaare Zedek. I see my role as helping to foster cohesion among our two communities, building toward a joint entity that encompasses the best of both. Most importantly, I plan to work tirelessly to ensure that Kehilat Hadar continues to be the community we all love, maintaining our values of volunteerism, spirited and inspiring davening, operational efficiency, and above all else, being a warm and welcoming community.

How have you participated in and served KH?
5 years on Steering Team, 2 years on Board, 5 years as shamash, 5x Chair of Shavuot Retreat, leyn and daven in weekly services.

Stefan Krieger

Stefan is a law professor at Hofstra School of Law. For over 40 years, he has taught in law school clinics training students in the representation of low-income clients in civil rights and housing cases. In both his clinical work and writing, Stefan focuses on the issues of effective advocacy on behalf of community organizations.
Stefan was a member of Havurat Shalom in its founding year and is on the Academic Council of Open Hillel.

Why do you want to join the Kehilat Hadar Board, and what you hope to accomplish as a Board Member?
Throughout my adult life, I have been actively involved with alternative minyanim in Somerville, Chicago, Dallas and New York. But, for a stint from 2000 to 2002, I was the President of an aging Conservative congregation on Long Island. These experiences have given me insights into both the strengths and weaknesses of both models of Jewish spiritual life.

I have been inspired by Kehilat Hadar’s serious commitment to beautiful and creative davening and to egalitarian halakhic observance. In the years to come, as it continues its joint operations with Shaare Zedek, it will face the challenges of maintaining that energy and creativity while transforming itself into a more multi-generational kahal with different needs than most of its members have had in the past.

From my experiences, I believe I have a unique skill set to address these issues and to help our wonderful community grow and prosper.

How have you participated in and served KH?
I have been a regular attendee at davening from the start of services; Mary and I have sponsored kiddushes; I have chanted haftarah; I have given divrei Torah, including the Siyum Ha-Shas on January 11, 2020.

Meir Schecter

Meir started his 45+-year professional career working for NASA on the Apollo program. Software that he developed was instrumental in the safe return of the Apollo XIII astronauts. He later worked on Skylab and various other satellites. Subsequently, he worked on US Navy defense systems, and finally went to work as a consultant to governmental pension systems.
Why do you want to join the Kehilat Hadar Board, and what you hope to accomplish as a Board Member?
I have spent the last 18 years working for KH and making it my spiritual home-away-from-home. As a Board Member, I would continue to work hard to ensure that KH provides the spiritual uplift that I get to the entire KH community.

How have you participated in and served KH?
I have been on the Shamash team since its inception. I have been on the Board since its inception, acting in the capacity of Treasurer. I have been on the Shavuot Team, organizing classes for 13 years. I have led services and read Torah at Hadar more times than I can list.

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