New York City abounds with excellent Jewish learning opportunities, and Kehilat Hadar is proud to contribute to them. We offer a variety of learning programs on subjects ranging from practical details of daily halacha to overarching questions of Jewish philosophy. Our events aim to bring people together and strengthen our relationships with each other while we build our Jewish knowledge. Since we are a completely lay-led organization, we depend on our members to help make Kehilat Hadar happen. If you want to suggest a program, recommend a teacher, or offer to sponsor an event, please contact us at

Here’s a quick overview of the learning programs that we run regularly. For details of dates, times, teachers, and topics, or to find out about any special events we have coming up, please visit our calendar.

Food for Thought

Our Food for Thought kiddush-time shiur series is a monthly learning opportunity built into the end of kiddush on Shabbat morning. These are brief sessions taught by community members exploring practical and interesting areas of halacha.

Learn and Lunches

Several times a year, Kehilat Hadar
hosts Learn and Lunch programs on Shabbat morning after services. We use these events as opportunities to bring in an exciting speaker from outside our usual community and enjoy a catered lunch together. We also reverse the more-typical Lunch and Learn sequence so that everybody is welcome to join in the learning whether or not they've registered to stay for lunch.

Fireside Chats

Want to come learn with Kehilat Hadar, but can’t join us on Shabbat? Our Fireside Chats are weekday evening programs hosted in member’s homes. Subjects vary from theology to philosophy and back again. We try to take advantage of the non-Shabbat setting to bring together teachers and community members from outside the immediate neighborhood and broaden our horizons.

Ritual Learning

Are you interested in brushing up your leyning (Torah reading) or expanding your repertoire of shli’ach tzibbur (service leader) skills? Drop us a line, and we’ll work to find a community member who can help you out. Contact

Annual Shavuot Retreat

Every year, Kehilat Hadar hosts an immersive Shavuot Retreat at a summer camp outside New York City. The retreat features festive communal meals, spirited davening, and social activities, but one of the main focuses is the learning. There is an all-night Tikkun Leil Shavuot featuring a variety of classes, topics, and teachers, plus lots of daytime learning sessions for those who aren’t such night owls. Information about the Shavuot Retreat is usually released right around Pesach. We invite you to join our email list to get up to date notifications on this and all of our other exciting programming.

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