Shavuot Retreat 2018

The Motel at Camp Kinder Ring

When: Friday evening, May 18 to Monday night, May 21
Where: Camp Kinder Ring, Hopewell Junction, NY

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Please read through this information carefully as things have changed this year.

Retreat Highlights:

At this annual retreat, we come together to create a joyful, immersive Shavuot experience. At the retreat, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in our signature spirited, songful, lay-led, egalitarian davening and study a vast array of topics at our overnight Tikkun and during the daytime. You’ll also have plenty of time to partake in delicious, kosher meals, enjoy the extensive grounds (including a pool and sports fields), make new friends, and reconnect with old ones. Our Shavuot Retreat community includes singles, couples, and kids and adults of all ages. We offer a variety of housing options, and all are clean, comfortable, and rustic. 

See last year's Retreat schedule and learning schedule to get an idea of what the Retreat has looked like in the past.

The Shavuot Retreat is entirely volunteer-run. We work hard to look after every detail, but if you have any specific questions, please be in touch! You can reach us at We look forward to enjoying the holiday together!

  • Registration is Now Closed.

New for 2018

Hadar Institute

Learning Program Partnership with Hadar Institute

We are excited to partner with the Hadar Institute to bring you a highly engaging learning program at this year’s retreat! Many of the learning sessions this year will be on the theme, Sinai: Covenant and Responsibility. Judaism is a religion defined by a covenantal relationship between the Divine and the people. What does it mean for a community to be in this relationship? How do we navigate the boundaries of this community? How do we engage with the fundamental principles of belief that underlie this relationship? Elie Kaunfer, Deborah Sacks Mintz, Ethan Tucker, and Dena Weiss of the Hadar Institute will be contributing to the incredible range of learning opportunities. Join us for engaging conversations throughout the weekend, in which we probe the depths of these timely questions.

Important Meals Update

Every year we assess the feedback we receive from the community and try to adjust the retreat to meet our evolving needs. This year we are tweaking the timing of meals in an effort to bring the entire community together as much as possible while also accommodating families with young children.

At this year’s retreat we’re going to try two different evening meal schedules. On Friday night and Saturday night (Erev Shavuot) there will be an early dinner for kids, parents, and any other adults who prefer to eat earlier, then dinner for the rest of the community later at night. Simultaneous to the early dinner, there will be hearty snacks available to tide people over until the later dinner (Please only eat at the early dinner if you have signed up to do so).

Sunday night, dinner will be early, but we won’t do kiddush, motzi or bentching. Later in the evening we will make kiddush and motzi, have dessert, and then bentch. This arrangement is halachically permissible and has been approved by our halakhic advisor, Rabbi Ethan Tucker, however if you are uncomfortable with this arrangement, please email

Take a look at the tentative schedule below to get a better sense of what we are planning.

Friday Evening (Erev Shabbat)
5:30 PM | Early dinner; Hearty snacks available
7:00 PM | Mincha, candle lighting, Kabbalat Shabbat and Maariv
8:00 PM | Dinner

Saturday Evening (Erev Shavuot)
6:00 PM | Early dinner; Hearty snacks available
7:00 PM | Keynote speaker
8:00 PM | Se'udah Shelishit singing
9:00 PM | Dinner

Sunday Evening (Erev Shavuot II)
6:30 PM | Dinner without kiddush, motzi or bentching
8:00 PM | Keynote speaker
9:00 PM | Candle lighting and Maariv
9:30 PM | Dessert, with kiddush, motzi and bentching


  • 1.5 hours from Manhattan by car
  • Transportation by bus from NYC will be available each way. The bus will pick up and drop off at 110th Street between Broadway & Riverside. The registration process will include an option to indicate an interest in taking the bus, but will not require immediate confirmation or payment. Prices are pending interest gathered during the registration process and will be set several weeks before the Retreat, but are likely to be around $25 each way.
  • Transportation by Train: The name of the Metro North train station nearest camp is New Hamburg, on the Hudson Line. Kinder Ring recommends A-1 Taxi in New Hamburg - call (845) 297-8294 the day before you arrive to reserve a taxi. The fare is $35 for one person, or $15 per person for two or more passengers - it is approximately 20 minutes from camp. You may want to print out directions from our website to bring with you. Please visit the Metro North website for more information about train schedules.


The registration fee includes kosher meals, housing, babysitting, and spectacular learning for 3 nights and 3 days.  Since there are a variety of housing options, we have a tiered registration system:

(All prices are listed per person. For example, a couple registering for Upgraded Cabin would pay 2 x $499 which equals $998.)

  • Bunk (Individual adult registrants): $415 per person
    Single bed in a standard camp bunk with attached bathroom. About 6-8 people share a bunk.
  • Cabin (2 adult registrants): $455 $495 per person
    Private room with one double bed. Shared bathroom with up to 3 other rooms in the cabin.
  • Upgraded Cabin is full.
  • Family housing is full.

*We will have new and improved programming for this age group this year. View more details here.

All payment is via credit card during registration. Note that you will not be confirmed for the Retreat until payment is received. Please review our refund policy.

*Discounts* We are pleased to offer one of two types of discounts!

Community Contributor Discount: Anyone who donated at the recommended contribution level during the course of the year OR who regularly served the community by volunteering five times over the course of the year is eligible for a discount and early access to registration. Keep an eye on your inbox for the discount code and a link to register early. 

First Timer Discount: Anyone in the community who has never been on a Kehilat Hadar Shavuot Retreat is eligible for a discount. If this is your first time coming, please email us at for the discount code. We can’t wait to have you join us there this year!

Financial Aid

We have some funds available in hopes of making the retreat accessible to everyone who wants to join. If you would like to attend the 2018/5778 Shavuot Retreat, but require some financial assistance, please review the Financial Aid information page and apply for aid before registering for the Retreat. Financial aid applications must be received and processed before you can register.

Contact and FAQ
For more information please read the frequently asked questions. Some things have changed this year!

If you have any other questions, please email us at

We hope to see you there!

The 2018 Shavuot Team
Max Arad and Jeremy Tabick (Co-Chairs)
Dan Berdugo, Tim Bernard, Mara Braunfeld, Andrea Brustein, Stacey Cohen, Avi Eisen, Zoe Grossman, Maddy Hoffman, Yossi Hoffman, Ashira Konigsburg, Adam Masser, Steve Melzer, Adin Nelson, Meir Schecter, Ben Varon, Arielle Walzer

Sunset at Camp Kinder Ring