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We've tried to answer most common questions about the Shavuot Retreat in the FAQ below. If you don't find the answer to your question here, please email


What is the Shavuot Retreat all about?
Come for the davening and the learning, stay for the relaxing atmosphere and scenic lake!

Every Shavuot, the Kehilat Hadar community leaves the UWS to join with friends and guests from all over the country together at Camp Kinder Ring, just an hour outside Manhattan. 
For three days, we create a Shavuot community centered around traditional, egalitarian davening, high-caliber learning on a variety of topics, and outdoor recreation. The retreat offers activities for all ages and interests, from softball, frisbee and yoga to board games, learning niggunim and studying Jewish texts. Highlights include the Tikkun Leil, where we study all night, the tisch, where we sing and celebrate, and the big barbecue on the last day.
What is the Tikkun Leil Shavuot?
It is a Shavuot tradition to stay up all night learning, and the Retreat provides a line-up of classes from dusk until dawn, taught by community members and esteemed guest teachers. In the past, our teachers have included Rabbi Judith Hauptman, Dr. Yehuda Kurtzer, Senator Joe Lieberman, Rabbi Elie Kaunfer, Dena Weiss, Joey Weisneberg, and Rabbi Ethan Tucker. We provide snacks, coffee, tea, and cheesecake! Everyone is encouraged to participate and stay up as much as they feel comfortable. The Tikkun, taking place on the first night of Shavuot, concludes with shacharit at dawn, and we also have a 9AM shacharit service.

Registration and Financial Aid

Registration will open in March. See the home page for the full list of costs.

Is financial aid available?
Yes- limited financial aid is available, and we will work together to help as many people attend as possible. Before registering, please complete our short Financial Aid Application. We'll get back to you within a few days of your request. If we're able to grant you financial assistance, we will provide instructions on how to register with the reduced price.

If you have any further questions, please email Your application and email will be treated with strictest confidence.

How do I pay for the Retreat?
Payment for the Retreat and transportation is done online, by credit card, during the registration process. There is no surcharge for credit card payment. You will receive a confirmation email that you have paid; if you don't, please contact

We encourage everyone who feels able to make donations during the registration process to help us provide financial aid.

What happens if I want to register after the Retreat is full?
We have a waiting list for anyone who registers after registration fills up, and we will notify you by email if a space becomes available. At that time, you will have 2 business days to sign up and pay online. After that time, your spot will be given to the next person on the list.

If I cancel, can I get my money back? When you register we are counting on your participation and plan accordingly. If you must cancel, a portion of your registration fees will be refunded as follows:

Cancellation Date Until May 5

May 5 - May 24

After May 24
Registration Refund 75% refunded 50% refunded non-refundable

Please note that due to the busy season, refunds may not be processed until after Shavuot. We appreciate your patience.


Housing and Logistics

What housing options are offered?
Camp Kinder Ring offers a variety of summer camp-style housing, including bunks and private cabins. There are a variety of registration options - at different price points - so that you can choose the best accommodations for you.

Please note that not all accommodations in a particular price category are identical, some have slight variations, but that is life on camp! Contact with any questions. Placement will be done based on availability and on a first-come, first-served basis, so register early since we fill up fast!
Category Eligibility Description
Bunk Individual adult registrant Single bed in a standard camp bunk with attached bathroom. About 6-8 people share a bunk.
Double Bedroom, Shared Bathroom 2 adult registrants Private room with a double bed, Shared bathroom with up to 3 other rooms in the cabin.
Private Bedroom/Bathroom 1 or 2 adult registrants Private room in a cabin with 1 double or 2 single beds. Individual registrants may be assigned a roommate. Private bathroom.
Family Adult registrants with children under age 12 Private room with space for adults and children, private bathroom. Families will be placed near each other to create a quiet zone at night and to simplify babysitting.


All housing comes with bedding and towels. However, most of the accommodations are not heated, so you may want to bring an extra blanket.

Individual registrants can request a preferred roommate.  Please note that roommates requesting each other must choose the same housing level. While we cannot make guarantees in terms of housing, and will not be able to confirm specific requests in advance of the Retreat, we will do our best to accommodate all needs.

*Additional notes about family housing: Camp does not provide porta-cribs, so families must bring their own if necessary.

Also, while we cannot guarantee more than one room per family, we do guarantee one bed for each child who needs a bed.

How do I get to Camp Kinder Ring?
A chartered bus will leave on Friday from the Upper West Side in Manhattan at 4:00 PM from 110th between Broadway and Riverside and will return to NYC at around midnight on Monday. The registration process will include an option to indicate an interest in taking the bus, but will not require immediate confirmation or payment. Prices are pending interest gathered during the registration process and will be set several weeks before the retreat, but is likely to be around $25.

If you prefer, you can also drive up to camp. We'll provide information and directions after you sign up.

There is also the option of taking the train. The name of the Metro North train station nearest camp is New Hamburg, on the Hudson Line. Kinder Ring recommends A-1 Taxi in New Hamburg - call *845) 297-8294 the day before you arrive to reserve a taxi. The fare is $25 for one person, or $15 per person for two or more passengers - it is approximately 20 minutes from camp. You may want to print out directions from our website to bring with you. Please visit the Metro North website for more information about train schedules.

What time will the Retreat start?
The Retreat will begin with check-in at the camp, which will take place beween 5-7 PM on Friday, June 7, followed by Mincha at 7 PM.  

What sort of weather should I anticpate?
The days could get hot and the nights could get cold, so we recommend that everyone bring clothes for weather extremes, as well as seasonal weather (which is what we hope for!). Most of the housing accommodations are neither heated nor air-conditioned, so please take that into account when you pack. A packing list will be available for registered participants.


Family Programming

Is there family housing?

Yes. Families have a special registration category and will be housed near each other to create a "quiet zone" at night and also to facilitate babysitting.

Will there be babysitting?
Yes. We offer babysitting during morning services and during much of the evening and nighttime activities.

Will there be any programming for children at the Retreat?
We are excited to announce new and improved (and greatly expanded) children's programming this year! There will be kids services for different age groups, babysitting, a variety of fun and educational activities, and a kids' lounge stocked with snacks and games. A slight price increase will be in effect for kids aged 8-12 in order to accommodate this expanded programming. Stay tuned for more details about children's programming. As usual, for nights when dinner starts quite late, we also offer an earlier family dinner.

For any specific questions regarding families at the Retreat, or if you are interested in assisting with the planning, please email


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