Shavuot 2019 - Financial Aid Request

The Kehilat Hadar community is committed to including as many people as are interested in our Shavuot Retreat as possible. While our capacity to provide aid is limited, we want to do our best to ensure that finances are not a barrier to participation.

If you would like to attend the 2019 Shavuot Retreat, but require financial assistance, please fill out the form below to provide some information about your request and situation. (All fields on the form are required.)

Please submit your Financial Aid Application before registering for the retreat.

The deadline to apply for financial aid is May 5th, after which we may not be able to process additional financial aid requests.

All requests are kept in strict confidence. Please note that all aid recipients will be asked to register in shared housing categories, as private housing is not available with financial aid. Please see the Registration and Financial Aid section of our FAQ page for details about costs and payments.

We are committed to assisting as many attendees as possible, but we may exhaust our budget. Please apply early.

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