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Governance Change: Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is intended to serve as a resource for questions about Kehilat Hadar's governance change, which was announced in March 2023.  If you don't see the answer to your question here, please email


What is changing?
1. The current structure of the Steering Team will wind down. The Steering Team's portfolio of responsibilities will be distributed among four committees. The Board will appoint 4 chairs. Each chair will work with a small core committee (Board and non-Board members) to oversee strategy and execution for their area, in conjunction with the Board's officers.

Committees and Chairs:

  • Shabbat and Holidays (chaired by Ashira Konigsburg)
  • Community Engagement (chaired by Tamar Zeffren)
  • Finances and Operations (chaired by Aaron Kasman)
  • Governance and Policy (chaired by Emily Scharfman)

2. In coordination with Shaare Zedek, Jessie Bruah, Shaare Zedek‚Äôs Administrative Manager, will also assume certain additional administrative responsibilities for the KH community. 

Why is this happening?
The Steering Team and the Board are vital contributors to the stable functioning of our community, and have been working together for 5 years, since the Board's formation. Over time, we've realized the need to address and clarify some structural challenges that have come up from having these two leadership bodies.

What will this accomplish?

  • Helps us clarify responsibilities and lines of accountability to help us to become more effective and responsive to our community.

  • Expands access and opportunities for more community members to get involved. Please share your interest!

  • It will streamline our discussions for a merger with Shaare Zedek. 

Each committee - with a clear and distinct portfolio - will be more inclusive, responsive, effective, and accountable with the Board providing connective leadership and guidance.

What does this mean for Shabbat services?
Shabbat services will not be impacted: we will continue to offer spirited, meaningful, lay-led davening! Learn more about leading services or reading Torah.

What does this mean for High Holidays/Shavuot?
We will continue our approach of appointing a High Holiday chair and Shavuot co-chairs, who oversee teams and report to the Board. Each committee will support High Holidays and Shavuot programming. 

What does this mean for current Steering Team members?
We are working with everyone to find the best fit in the new structure. Please stay tuned for details!

Do the bylaws have to change?
Changes to the bylaws will be limited; the primary revision will be removing references to the Steering Team.

When will this take place?
We will be making these changes incrementally over the coming months. This change will be formalized at the KH Annual Meeting (May 1).

What does this mean for a merger with Shaare Zedek?
A more streamlined governing model helps facilitate our ongoing integration with Shaare Zedek and will be of service in the continued planning for a merger.

What does the Board do?
Learn more about our Board's structure and function here!

These committees sound intriguing. How do I get involved?
We would love to hear from you through this short form! You can specify an area of interest if you wish, or just share broadly about where you would like to get involved.

Sun, March 3 2024 23 Adar I 5784