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Pri Eitz Hadar

We're excited to offer Pri Eitz Hadar as a free digital download and on our YouTube channel.
It was originally released as a CD in 2004. Like what you hear? Consider making a donation.

Pri Eitz Hadar is a collection of 19 eclectic melodies introduced at Hadar including VeYe'etayu, Ashrei, Sim Shalom, Mah Ashiv, and other Hadar favorites. The music features 20 past and present members of the Hadar community and was produced under the direction of Rabbi Julia Andelman, one of our High Holiday shelichei tzibbur (prayer leaders) from past years.

One of Hadar's core principles is that regular communal prayer can and should be an inspiring experience. We believe that song is a key component to building a prayer community. This is part of a long-term project of expanding our community's repertoire through regular song-teaching sessions encompassing Shabbat, Holiday, and High Holiday melodies. Pri Eitz Hadar is meant as a celebration of where we have come as a community of prayer, and as a teaching tool both within Hadar and for other communities who wish to enhance their musical repertoire of Jewish prayer.  

Track List

  1. Hallelu Eil BeKodsho
  2. Hodu L'Adonai Ki Tov
  3. Sim Shalom
  4. Barekhi Nafshi
  5. Ashrei I
  6. Nishmat Kol Hai
  7. Lekhah Dodi
  8. Mikolot Mayim
  9. Ashrei II
  10. Shir HaKavod (An'im Zemirot)
  11. Ana Adonai Hoshi'ah Na
  12. Mah Ashiv L'Adonai
  13. Pithu Li
  14. Avinu Malkeinu
  15. Hamol Al Ma'asekhah
  16. Ki Hinei KaHomeir
  17. VeYe'etayu
  18. KeVakarat Ro'eh Edro
  19. Marei Khohein

Download Liner Notes

Review from The Jewish Week, December 2, 2005, by George Robinson

If you have a budding new congregation that you are trying to publicize, recording its music would seem an expensive but possibly effective method. That is, if your music is sufficiently unusual - and good - to merit someone's attention. This CD is both, and the folks at Kehilat Hadar, an egalitarian-halachic havurah on the Upper West Side, definitely have my attention. The recording features 19 selections from their liturgy, sung a cappella by a 20-member chorus seemingly consisting of congregants, with no pre-arranged harmonies. Their choice of settings is eclectic... Rating: 4.5 stars [out of 5]

Review from Hadassah Magazine, June, 2006, by Naomi Geschwind

New York's egalitarian Kehilat Hadar shows that when it comes to congregational singing there are new melodies. This collection... draws on everything from the modern classics by Shlomo Carlebach to the 'Lekha Dodi' of Uganda's Abayudaya. All are hauntingly chanted by Kehilat Hadar members, making this CD a treat for anyone who wants to lead prayers with spirit and beauty...

Thanks to Maddy Hoffman, Yossi Hoffman, and Aaron Kasman for arranging for this digital re-release.

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