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Kashrut Policy

Kehilat Hadar has a kashrut policy because members of our community have different standards of kashrut in their homes. In an effort to accommodate all members of our community, we ask that all food for community events, such as Lunch and Learns and meals hosted in your home as part of a Kehilat Hadar program, be prepared in a kosher kitchen, and that ingredients for the meal (including cheese) be marked with a recognized kosher symbol (more than just "K").

If, in general, you cook with non-hechshered domestic cheese in your kitchen, it is still possible to prepare food for the meal, as long as the ingredients for the meal are in accordance with the kashrut policy described above and you haven't used your pots for 24 hours (ben yomo). (Or, you could simply make a meat meal!) Whether you attend a meal or host a meal, all food bought or made should follow this policy. If you have any questions, including how to meet these kashrut standards, please contact us.

Sat, July 20 2024 14 Tammuz 5784